Monday, April 14, 2014

5 Years From Now

HI ! sorry I haven't blogged a while. I'm always overwhelmed with tasks and assignments from my professor. Well,I guess you can't be a lazy person if you're studying in one of the best art school in the world,right ? I am currently at my sophomore year in Parsons The New School for Design. I haven't blogged for a I guess I'll just tell you how it goes. You all know that I have this crazy sort of naïve dream of going to Parsons right ? so since then I've decided to use all of my time during high school to pursue that dream. And it's not only about my happiness,but I also want to show people that I do deserve what I want. JKT48 said, hard work never traits hehehe. It was probably the busiest 3 years of my life yet, I mean...with no support from my family, I basically have to do everything on my own. And as if it can't get worse,I can't even draw. So that adds up my to-do list before going here. during that time,I haven't actually thought about what's next after I'm admitted. I guess for me the important thing is just being accepted and..I don't know,hopefully my parents will understand what I want to do with my life ?

Besides Parsons,I am also admitted at RISD. But I fell in love with Parsons a long time ago,so I choose it instead. during my first year,I learned a lot. Like,a lot. I don't even know how my brain can process so much information like that. But yeah..I did. I do have to make a huge adjustment. And as you know,being someone who is not that good at adapting,I have a hard time adjusting myself with the new social and academic state. But...I passed it,and I guess for me that's the hardest part. So..I've been enjoying my life so far ! New York is a fast-paced city. Everyone is always busy and productive. I mean...who wouldn't ? you're in a big city ! I guess I'll be damned if I ever spend more than 3 days of being lazy in New York. I just love it,everything here. The shops,the streets,the nightlife...even The New School itself. People said that you have to constantly make connections in New York (thank god emails !)just to make your life a little bit easier. I mean,who knows what someone you meet in this random restaurant can do for you ?

I learned a lot just by living in the city. I learned that there are actually nice people,even strangers who act nicely to you. People said that New York is mean,but I think aggressive is the right term. Sure,there are people who actually swears when I accidentally bumped in to them when I was walking down the streets,but there are also people who helped me picking up all of my drawings during windy days. I guess it's just a matter of perspective....

The New School University Center is great ! I actually met those people who gave me advice and reviewed my portfolio. Mr.Rocco,kak Anna and kak Sheena and all. We don't always hang out together since they're all currently in their senior years (which is super busy,believe me) but we always meet up somewhere every now and then. I must admit that I'm not the popular guy in the university,but I made some friends. Parsons chained most of their students during weekends,let alone weeknights. So I don't have that much time to go out partying and stuff. But living here for almost two year I have developed this skill of a better time management. And I can *cough* professionally *cough* choose which assignments to skip and to do (hehehe).

I do feel a little bit lonely sometimes,but I keep reminding myself of how lucky I am to even be here. I can't imagine the day when I have to leave New York,but every hello ends with a good bye,right ?

I can't wait to tell more about my adventure in the concrete jungle !

Kelvin here,signing off.


it was a great imagination,wasn't it ?


  1. Hey, K! Of course I do remember you. How's your life so far? I must say that you have a really great imagination. But great things always begin with an imagination right? a dream

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  2. I like this one! See you soon buddy! New New Yorkers! \(^o^)/