Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Top Movies To Watch This Holiday !

I know it's a little bit late to post this, since most of you have only less than a week holiday. But I thought it will be fun to spend the last days of holiday cuddling with your loved ones in front of TV watching chick flicks all day long. It's Ramadhan so that means no popcorn, but it's still as fun!

1.Letters To Juliet

I am soooooo in love with Amanda Seyfried ! I mean...who doesn't ? She's practically one of those living barbies. And I love the way the story goes, two love stories in one movie. I cried every time the grandmother (I forgot her name) reads the letter, it's so beautiful :') what if...

2.The Proposal

I was watching some TV when a profile of Ryan Reynolds came up and they mentioned his super good acting in The Proposal. I went to the movie rentals and rent it right away. It was sooooooooo hilarious, I think that was one the loudest laugh I've ever got from a movie. I also love Sandra Bullock and her floating-on-the-sea Louis Vuittons :-)

3.Confession of A Shopaholic

Bag...Gucci ! This is my go to movie every time I need a mood booster. Go Isla Fisher ! I've also read the entire book series and it was awesome. Actually no, it was waaayyyy better than the movie ! Too bad they didn't make the sequel :-(

4.We're The Millers

This holiday is the first time I watched this movie, I thought it would pass my list of good movies, but it didn't ! It has drama yet they wrap it in such a comical way that it is enjoyable ! I cried (laughing) when I watched this movie. Especially that scene when it's Kenny's (is that his name ?) turn to play the guess game :-) Oops, explicit material here. Better watch the movie alone, no parents allowed !

P.S : sorry for the blurry image. I don't know why it is so hard to find a good one !

That's it ! wait what ? that's it ? only 4 ?

sadly yes, I guess I am pretty picky but it is what it is. Or maybe I just haven't rent that many movies yet... I don't know. But if you really want the fifth one, you can try and watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It's pretty good but it didn't make it to the list :p by the way this list contains movies from the drama-comedy genre only. Or as I would like to call it chick-flicks. If you love any other genre, Jinni and IMDB is a great place to look for recommendation !

I also downloaded this cool app called Discvr Movies. It basically do the same thing as Jinni and IMDB, but they have a cool user interface and it's on my cellphone ! So one point for easy access. I'm sure IMDB also have an app but Discvr Movies is worth the try. The only bad thing is that the developers haven't updated it yet for quite a while, so they don't have that great database of movies. But it still have thousands of old ones !

Besides movies, I am also addicted to youtube videos lately. Well, I've been addicted to youtube since a long time ago, but I've recently checked out those famous youtubers' channel and it is quite entertaining. You should check them out too. My favorites are AwesomeAlanna, Pointlessblog, and Marcus Butler.

Great Kelvin where have you been they've been there for ages and you have just found them "quite entertaining" ?

Anyways I hope you enjoy your holiday ! Where did you spend it ?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sudden Urge

Hi ! it's 4.30 a.m in the so called morning on the first day of July ! Happy Ramadhan to all moslems around the world and to people who celebrates it. I've just had my sahur and to be honest it was....quite ordinary. I don't know, I don't think I have those Ramadhan vibes this year; or even the year before. I think everyone just got too busy with their own life that they forgot how to celebrate the merry of being together. I mean...somehow, that's what Ramadhan is all about right ? I've never want fasting and the breakfasting itself to be some kind of a routine. You know, just because we have to do it every year.

Oh ! Today is the 10th day of my school's holiday. And to be honest I haven't done much yet. I always complain about how I don't have all the time in the world to do stuff I like and stuff that I don't like but I have to do (haha), but now that I have it, I don't really know what to do. I basically just spend most of the days watching chick-flicks all day long (thank god movie rentals !) I did spend a day with my friends in Goa Cina, but it's nothing special since I've been there before. The only difference is the people I came with...but I guess it's better than nothing at all. I took some pictures and I love it, would you check it out and see if you like it too ? click click !

I usually talk about life lessons in my blog, but lately I haven't got any. Is it because my lack of social interactions ? God only knows. But I do have this thought that people are somehow afraid of confessing or confronting their feelings most of the times because they are afraid of what the outcome might be. Now you can say that this is the sophisticated way of our brains and our body to protect us from being hurt psychologically -since research says that we react to psychological pain the same way we react to physical pain- but I think keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself also...hurts, in many other ways.

Lately I have had this kind of situation where I've got so much to say, yet I decided to shut myself up. You know what they said, words you'll regret the most is the one you didn't speak. But what if -what if- you tell people about how you feel, or what you want to say, yet they did nothing about it. Hahaha, that hurts too, believe me.

I used the word hurt and pain a lot in most of my writing that even I think I should've overcome it somehow. That I should've got used to it by now. But it isn't the case. "You see, the thing about pain, it demands to be felt" and yes, I am quoting you, Mr John Green sir.

If you have all of that figured out, will you help me ?

Kelvin, signing off.

Quote Of The Day

"You choose total freedom, but you got total loneliness"


Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Just Want to Write

I can't believe tomorrow is the finals. That means I've spent a year being a senior high school student. A year felt very fast for me, but who knows what opportunity might come next year, right ? I will obviously have more responsibility since all extracurricular activities are maintained and supervised by the 11th grade. Can't wait to see what will happen !

Oh ! have I told you that I have this portfolio blog thingy where I post all of my work ? I will really love it if you do a visit ! (click click) It only consists of 3 works by now but I'll update it constantly. And if you do a visit, please leave some (constructive) comments !

I guess I'm running out of stuff I want to write right now.
Here's the boob hitting scene from New Girl which always successfully make me laugh.

P.S : don't watch with your kids, or your parents.

Monday, April 14, 2014

5 Years From Now

HI ! sorry I haven't blogged a while. I'm always overwhelmed with tasks and assignments from my professor. Well,I guess you can't be a lazy person if you're studying in one of the best art school in the world,right ? I am currently at my sophomore year in Parsons The New School for Design. I haven't blogged for a while...so I guess I'll just tell you how it goes. You all know that I have this crazy sort of naïve dream of going to Parsons right ? so since then I've decided to use all of my time during high school to pursue that dream. And it's not only about my happiness,but I also want to show people that I do deserve what I want. Alhamdulillah...like JKT48 said, hard work never traits hehehe. It was probably the busiest 3 years of my life yet, I mean...with no support from my family, I basically have to do everything on my own. And as if it can't get worse,I can't even draw. So that adds up my to-do list before going here. during that time,I haven't actually thought about what's next after I'm admitted. I guess for me the important thing is just being accepted and..I don't know,hopefully my parents will understand what I want to do with my life ?

Besides Parsons,I am also admitted at RISD. But I fell in love with Parsons a long time ago,so I choose it instead. during my first year,I learned a lot. Like,a lot. I don't even know how my brain can process so much information like that. But yeah..I did. I do have to make a huge adjustment. And as you know,being someone who is not that good at adapting,I have a hard time adjusting myself with the new social and academic state. But...I passed it,and I guess for me that's the hardest part. So..I've been enjoying my life so far ! New York is a fast-paced city. Everyone is always busy and productive. I mean...who wouldn't ? you're in a big city ! I guess I'll be damned if I ever spend more than 3 days of being lazy in New York. I just love it,everything here. The shops,the streets,the nightlife...even The New School itself. People said that you have to constantly make connections in New York (thank god emails !)just to make your life a little bit easier. I mean,who knows what someone you meet in this random restaurant can do for you ?

I learned a lot just by living in the city. I learned that there are actually nice people,even strangers who act nicely to you. People said that New York is mean,but I think aggressive is the right term. Sure,there are people who actually swears when I accidentally bumped in to them when I was walking down the streets,but there are also people who helped me picking up all of my drawings during windy days. I guess it's just a matter of perspective....

The New School University Center is great ! I actually met those people who gave me advice and reviewed my portfolio. Mr.Rocco,kak Anna and kak Sheena and all. We don't always hang out together since they're all currently in their senior years (which is super busy,believe me) but we always meet up somewhere every now and then. I must admit that I'm not the popular guy in the university,but I made some friends. Parsons chained most of their students during weekends,let alone weeknights. So I don't have that much time to go out partying and stuff. But living here for almost two year I have developed this skill of a better time management. And I can *cough* professionally *cough* choose which assignments to skip and to do (hehehe).

I do feel a little bit lonely sometimes,but I keep reminding myself of how lucky I am to even be here. I can't imagine the day when I have to leave New York,but every hello ends with a good bye,right ?

I can't wait to tell more about my adventure in the concrete jungle !

Kelvin here,signing off.


it was a great imagination,wasn't it ?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ride This Ride

HELLO WORLD !  I can't believe it has been (over) a month since my last post. This clearly proves  that I'm a failure on being consistent -_- oh well. There are sooo much stuff going on in the past months. I've been having this little feeling like "oh oh ! I should blog about this" but I haven't got anytime to actually do it. Okay,this might sound a little bit exaggerating but it is what it is. I thought that I'm started to get used to the busy life of high school student (especially SHS 1) but no,I still have so much to improve,especially on time management. Even when I'm writing this post,I actually have a biology book to read and an art project to continue (I just looovveeee being busy.)

So...going a few post back,I still have this crazy,naïve dream of going to Parsons. I actually have started to contact everyone whom I think can help me throughout the process of getting the admission. From alumni to the staff to the faculty to the current student....Now,you might think that it's a little too early,but I haven't got any formal art education that directly relates to communication design,or even designing itself. (And yes,I'm considering their communication design major and put photography down to the second option.) Plus,you can never be too safe,right ? I also started to learn how to actually draw and paint...I'm still wayyyyyy below average but at least I'm making progress :D finger-crossed....

This past month I am a little bit happier than I used to. I guess I'm starting to actually take lessons from what I've experienced. Trying to be less-sensitive and not to overthink everything. It's not that you're going to suddenly be happy once you stop the overthinking habit,it's just.......I don't know,I kinda developed my own way of accepting things that I can't change. I hope this means that I've 'upgraded' myself to be a better person. I do have a little fear that somehow,I'm turning into this insensitive and kinda ignorant person....

I still have bad grades,I still have social problems,I still have big dreams that I have to work hard for,but I know God never sleeps :)

here's to the big dreamer ! :

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dreams Don't Turn To Dust

Just wow.
Have you ever feel that all the dreams,all the good imagination you build for your whole life,and plans the rest of your life to pursue is crushed into the tiniest thing. Like...the atom of the atom tiny. Well if you don't,I've felt it just now.

I am in year 10 of senior high school now,and I guess it's the perfect time to plan for my college. Because in Indonesia,we have to go to college.otherwise we would be a total loser (which is a very not cool stereotype.) and I've been thinking and wondering and wondering about what I want to do with my life. Oh sure,who doesn't want to be a super great doctor who got PhD next to his name. Who doesn't want to be a world class architect who build international conference building,who doesn't want to be a great pop star,singing every night from one country to one country. But frankly,and sadly,I can't. I'm not good at any of my school subject,not that I'm failing,no,it's just that I don't think I could make it.

So then there's come the thinking process,what I want to do...what I want to do...what I want to do...the question keep echoing inside my head. Then I realised that I won't get any answer just by thinking and thinking. I need to observe myself. At what time do I feel like it's the happiest time of the day ? what did I do that time ?

Then I realised,I want to be a photographer,I know I always talked about how fashion fascinates me,but that's just it. It's just fascinates me,it's not something I want to do for my life.well,at least for now. But then there come these thought from people around me,it was something like "really ? a photographer ? what would you get as a photohgrapher ?" or "a photographer ? hahah,what would you feed your family with ?"And I thought that...well,maybe they're right. I need to find another future job.

And I was wrong,they were wrong,photography still excites me every time. And I guess last friday was the day that I feel like "I love this. This is what I should do." Last friday was the day of weekly meeting of KIAS. Just before that,I got a short meeting of the decoration people for Nevasca 2014 (which excites me so much !) I entered the room and sit next to my friends as always,they asked me "Hey,what happened to your face ?" "What is it ?" "You look red hahahah" "Oh that's because I'm bule hahahah"

But no,it's because of the excitement. It's because of the pop of excitement that constantly happened in my mind. My face even turns more red when I explain my idea for the next edition of the magazine,and for the next photo shoot. Even now,I can't wait to do the photo shoot and all the editing and stuff !

I've read about Parsons in a few articles and books,and they said that it is one of the best school to study art. I know that I don't even stand a chance there,but I'd be damned if I gave up without trying. So there I go,I search all over the internet for any information possible,I even use the custom brochure feature on their website and print it. I looked around for tuition fees,reading posts in forums about the university and so on and so on.

But what did happened when I gave the brochure to my parents ? They talked a lot of things about it but the point is............they talk to me as if I was joking about going into Parsons. They kinda talk in a way that say "you got no future with photography." My mom even said that "Really ? This is what you "love",eh ?" and at that moment I was crushed,it looked like I was exaggerating but I wasn't. Having your parents laughing at your dream was.....how to describe it;an excruciating pain.

They told me to go to law school instead,study something that really makes money. International business,international law,international economics. But those thing didn't fascinate me. They bore me to death,I took them at school because I thought it looked compromising. I know this sounds cheesy,and maybe even hypocrite,but I'd rather live on a budget from doing what I love,then stressed and depressed doing stuff I don't even like to get a luxurious lifestyle.

Gahhh I want to get into Parsons so bad,just so I can pursue my dream,just so I can prove them wrong. The stakes are high here,and I don't even know what I'm going to do next. Would you guys help me ?

Kelvin here,signing off.